Hello, I’m Beans and I’m from the States. I travel a lot with the boss women al over the world. I do like to sleep as you can see. This bed is absolutely the best!


Helena has come all the way from the Netherlands from Greece and we love her.

Lotte: “When I was smaller, I was very shocked when a big dog came rushing at me and kept running after me. Of course I ran screaming what the dog actually liked more, now I know he just wanted to play. Since then I always walked around dogs with a big bow, I was very scared “. Lena changed that in 2 months. She is sooo sweet. By walking with Lena I now also know many neighborhood dogs and I am never afraid again. “If you are afraid of dogs, borrowing a dog from the neighbors is highly recommended!


Spike is an independent cat.

You can suddenly just meet him on the street because he often goes out. As you can see he likes to drink from the tap. Spike has a friendly character and gets on well with other cats.


Hi, I’m young and tough and super curious. The best thing about myself are my green eyes.


Lola, Katja’s sister. How beautiful she is!


Pieter is the most famous cat in the area and everyone has an opinion about Pieter and Pieter certainly has his opinion about the people who think about him. Check out his Instagram account. It was definitely not boring to look after Pieter. He is now comfortable in a new place, but we still often think about him.

Cat language

Handy reminder if you don’t know what your cat means.

We only know red males who do “I love you”. Let us know if your cat does too! We rarely come across it.


Hey, there is a kitten hiding under the neighbors’ caravan, how does she end up here in the forest? So shy and skinny and hungry but not wild. She managed to gain her trust and Diva, as she turned out to be called, came to eat every day. After a few days I was able to stroke her gently and we also got the confidence that she would stay around for dinner. And she was hungry !!

Fortunately we found Angelique with a chip reader. Did you know that there is a  facebook group with all volunteers with a reader? We had already made a report on which unfortunately did not yield any results. Angelique came to read the chip, it was still exciting. But luckily she was both chipped and registered! Then it was a piece of cake to reunite her with her overjoyed owner, Diva had lost almost half a year and was very thin. A few weeks later we went to visit Diva again. She had regained her weight and now ventured less far from home.


Je m’appelle Lulu, je suis française, j’aime beaucoup les gens, ils sont si mignons, caressent beaucoup et donnent de la bonne nourriture.
But I also understand a little Dutch. My dearest toys are not fancy, I prefer to play with a lace!


I live in a big house with my 2 sisters. Here you see me on the balcony. But only I dare to walk on the balustrade of the balcony.


Mickey in box

You probably know them, all those videos and pictures on Youtube and Instagram with cats in impossible small boxes. How do they do that ??

More about Mickey on his own page!

Sparkles is The BossBoy

Besides being beautiful, it is also very funny and very sporty. Sparkles don’t think food is important until you are gone. He prefers to immediately play, jump, sneak and play hide and seek.

More about Sparkles on his own page.

Thommy and Misha

Thommy and Misha both love food and have a nice stock of all brands, shapes and sizes in house.Read more about this cozy duo on their own page.


A new experience for us city people, a chicken. Actually we thought it was a bit exciting to take care of the 3 chickens, but we succeeded. I wouldn’t recommend cuddling but they are really funny. If you sprinkle corn, they will happily scramble around immediately.


In the summer I prefer to lie outside in my chair on my own blanket.