Helena has come all the way from the Netherlands from Greece and we love her.

Lotte: “When I was smaller, I was very shocked when a big dog came rushing at me and kept running after me. Of course I ran screaming what the dog actually liked more, now I know he just wanted to play. Since then I always walked around dogs with a big bow, I was very scared “. Lena changed that in 2 months. She is sooo sweet. By walking with Lena I now also know many neighborhood dogs and I am never afraid again. “If you are afraid of dogs, borrowing a dog from the neighbors is highly recommended!

The first time Lena sees snow!
She found it very interesting and didn’t want to return home.


Ehhh ….. sometimes I just have to roll through the grass and mud, I love that. My owner is less enthusiastic and then bathes me.
I get blow-dried and when I smell fresh I can join the Christmas dinner 🙂